Why choose a print broker?

May 12, 2015

Instead of spreading themselves too thin, more printers are beginning to specialise. This means they can put a large investment behind the latest printing technology and maintain a competitive advantage.

But with more printers specialising in just one field (such as book binding, web printing or even celloglazing), it can be difficult to manage multiple elements across numerous suppliers.

That’s where print brokers come in. They can connect you with a huge network of specialist print trade suppliers that offer unique printing services.

A print broker’s job is to know the industry. Using a print broker on a single job can save you a huge amount of time and effort hunting down quotes and researching the best printers for the job.

Usually, the first printer you find is paying the most rent so they can operate in a retail area. This is really convenient if you desperately need a printer, but you’ll end up paying for the privilege. A print broker knows where to get the best outcome and at the most economical rate.

Another substantial advantage of a print broker is the low overhead cost per job compared to a general printer. A print broker doesn’t have a large investment in rent, staff, old obsolete machines, equipment leasing, maintenance and excess stock price. Instead, they operate as a low-cost service representing carefully selected suppliers with the latest equipment and most efficient production methods.

The advantages of using a print broker are made even clearer when you’re juggling a complex job, as the broker can find you the best solutions and most innovative suppliers for every element in your job.

For example, plastic membership cards are usually done by a specialist company with all the technology and equipment to print to plastic, emboss, die cut, add a magnetic strip, smart chip, signature strip etc. The printed pouch or cover that houses the card would be printed by a different printer most likely using an offset printing press. And if it’s celloglazed or laminated, you guessed it, another specialist would step in. This means one job can pass through many different hands to create the finished product.

While some printers offer job of a print broker in-house, they’re restricted to own machines and resources. A good independent print broker has a wide network of specialist trade suppliers, has an in-depth understanding of the capabilities of each supplier and can choose the best supplier for each part of the job.

Many people try to avoid the middle man, however in the case of printing, the middle man can save you a great deal of time, money and deliver the best job on time and on budget.


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